June 2019

From the Desk of Rev. Sue+    

When the wardens and I began to craft “Vital Together”—our pilot program in which small groups will explore how God is working in our lives—we thought we might have to recruit a lot of people. After all, this 4-week program launches in June, and we know how St. David's tends to “shut down” over the summer months. Oh, we of little faith! In less than a week of publicizing his program in the bulletin and during the Sunday morning announcements, we had more than enough people step up to fill the two pilot groups. And not just that! Those who self-identified represent a range of experience and 'tenure' at St. David's—which is exactly what we had planned for, but thought we'd need to recruit to make happen. Ponder anew, what the Almighty can do!

As of this writing, we are working out details of meeting dates and times. Through some selected (outlined) material from Dave Daubert'sThe Invitational Christian, questions for discussion, Scripture and prayer, the members of the two pilot groups will get to know themselves and each other a bit more deeply. During the course of the four weeks, we'll address such things as, "How has my experience of God/Christ changed over the course of my life? What role has St. David's played in those changes? How is God acting in my life today? How is St. David's helping to shape and define that? How can St. David's continue to support me in my journey? 

Our Presiding Bishop, the Most Rev. Michael Curry, reminds us in the Episcopal Church that the first order of concern is NOT dwindling membership, but rather being equipped to love one another AND being equipped to articulate how a loving God is working in our lives (in our case, at St. David's). He affirms that when we attend to the first order concern, spiritual growth will certainly happen. Numerical growth may or may not. But we will be equipped, at the very least, with greater clarity about our faith and about who we are as a faith community.

The wardens and I gained the resources to design and launch "Vital Together" through our work in the College for Congregational Development, a 2-year program hosted by the Diocese of Chicago. We hope that the experience that the pilot participants will have undergone will get communicated to the broader parish in the days to come, help the leadership tweak the programs for more of this kind of thing next fall, and encourage us all to live out faith out loud as we go forward in the Spirit.

But wait! That's not all the newness we'll be experiencing at St. David's this summer! Beginning June 16 and continuing through Sept. 1, our 9:30 service will sound a bit different. Our liturgy will draw from liturgical resources authorized for use by our bishop, The Rt. Rev. Jeff Lee, which come to us from the Iona Community in Scotland. You'll hear many things that are familiar and some things that are different; those different things will reflect a distinctly Celtic spirituality (appropriately for a church whose patron saint is David!). Worshippers will find the service participatory; with service music easily sung by the congregation without the choir's leadership. Why the change? Sometimes it's helpful to experience the Eucharist with different words. When we do, we sometimes hear the Holy Spirit differently, which may lead us to engage our story of salvation in fresh ways. At the end of the 12 weeks of using this liturgy, we'll ask for congregational feedback. It may not resonate with you at all, but we hope it will. If you are interested in previewing the liturgy ahead of June 16, contact me by phone or email and I'll be happy to walk you through it. If you're unfamiliar with the Iona Community, go to www.iona.org.uk

The 8:00 service will remain Rite I Holy Eucharist from the Book of Common Prayer.

The Sommer family will be taking some time in August in our go-to vacation spot, Two Harbors, MN. We'll be chasing freighters there and at Sault Ste. Marie, and will wind up with a cross-Lake passage on the SS Badger. I'll be covering for Fr. Tom while he's away on vacation and and during his mission trip to Mexico; he'll be covering for me in my August absence. In the meanwhile, know of my prayers for the St. David's family as we scatter and reconnect with all that is life giving this summer. May this be a time of refreshment and renewal for us all.

Father Tom's Summer Mission to Mexico

I am taking a group of students from Judson University to Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico, July 19 to July 26. .   Zacatecas is located in central Mexico and is one of the poorest states in all of Mexico.  In Fresnillo, the Anglican Church, Iglesia Del Gran Pastor, is showing the love of Christ to children and their families that live in the neighborhoods. Along with many of the ministries of the Church they have a feeding program that reaches 250 children and youth. They provide scholarships for the young girls and boys in the poor neighborhoods surrounding the church in order to help them finish high school. Some students eventually attend college. This gives them a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty that they have been trapped in for generations.

My role is to bring college students who will work with the children and their families. We provide opportunities for the children in the neighborhood to learn to play team soccer and baseball.  Many of these children do not experience the simple joy of play.  Our team brings fun, excitement, and hope into their lives as we reach out to them in Christ's name. We seek, with God's help, to encourage the church that sits right in the middle of this impoverished area. We attend church on Sunday, help with the feeding program and Vacation Bible School, and have a special night with their youth group.

This will be my tenth summer leading the mission trip to Fresnillo.  I need to raise $6000 to cover our airfare and all the other expenses. If you would like to make a contribution you can write a check out to "St. David's Episcopal Church" and put in the memo "Mission to Mexico."

Please be praying for our trip. Thank you!

With my love for you in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Fr. Tom +



Celebrate Pentecost and our youth mission trip with a feast and bake sale! After the 9:30 service on June 9th we will be having a potluck/free will offering meal to raise some more funds for the youth mission trip to Philadelphia. We'll be having hot dogs and whatever side dishes we as a community can come up with. 

So bring some chips, fruit, salad, cottage cheese, whatever would make for a nice addition to a summer feast. We will also be having a bake sale so DON'T bring a desert for the potluck, but pick one up at the bake sale instead. (And yes, we'll need bakers for the sale. Watch for info on that!) And don't forget to wear something red to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost!

I also want you to bring any questions you might have for the youth going on the trip, I'm sure they'd be glad to talk about what they're going to do and what they're looking forward to.

Volunteers Needed for Summer Coffee Hour...

Check your email inbox and your summer calendar, and sign up online for a Sunday of coffee hour hosting or call the church office 847-724-1341, beginning June 16 and running through Sept. 1. This is 12 Sundays. If twelve households sign up, we'll be covered. If you enjoy coffee hour after 9:30, help make it possible this summer!

St. David’s Book Group

Please join us at 7:30 p.m. every third Tuesday of the month in the St. David's library to discuss interesting books from the classics to bestsellers, mysteries to nonfiction. All are welcome!

The book group will be reading Less by Andrew Sean Greer for the June 18 meeting. As always we will meet at 7:30pm in the St David's library.

If you have questions or need a copy of one of the books, please contact; Debbie Lowe, Susan Tisch, Jan Myers or Marty Griggs. Happy Reading!

Thank You to Our Blessed Choir

As another choir season winds down. I'd like to thank the Parish Choir, Jr. Choir and Bell Choir for their hard work throughout the choir season. Not every parish is blessed to have as much musical talent as we do. The commitment these folks have for making music for us each week is very admirable.  They come to rehearsals every Wednesday and then early on Sunday mornings to warm up, and that's just the regular weekly schedule! Then add in all the extra things they do during the year (Lessons and Carols, Holy Week, concerts, caroling) and it becomes so much more. It's a huge time commitment on their part in addition to their every day lives and they have to put up with me! They really are a dedicated group of people who love music and love St. David's and for that I am very grateful.  So, when you see a choir member, please thank them for all they do for us.

Roof work beginning June 10

Weather permitting, Schwall Builders will begin work on the roofs of the breezeway, education building, and Nursery School on June 10. Please use caution as you enter the buildings, particularly during the demolition phase.  If the breezeway door needs to be closed to traffic, we will re-route you. Safety first!

An Invitation to Write

Many years ago Craig Petrovich said to Ruth Berdick, "St. David's should have a writing group."  An invitation was issued, and the group started meeting on a Friday afternoon of mutual choice.  Several times other invitations have been extended.  Our next meeting is Friday. Let Ruth know if you would like to join us.  (847) 498-5339.

No ECW Board until September.

We are having a year end lunch at Palm Court on June 18th at 12:00 pm.  Please let Diane Haas know if you are coming by June 11th. Phone 847=966-2275.

Holy Trinity will meet  June 13th at the at the Glenview Park District Golf course on Shermer Road.  Beth Savage needs to know if you are coming. 847-673-5632. by June 6th.


Allen Bower, is graduated with his Master's in Divinity from Garrett Evangelical.

Grace Kadel, is graduated from Elon University and will be working at PWC in Chicago this fall.

Jim Morell, is graduated from DePaul University with a MS Auditing and Advisory Services.

Paul Louis Tisch, is graduated from University of Illinois /Urbana with a BS in Atmospheric Sciences and a BA in Music Technology, plus a Minor in Earth, Society and Environmental Sustainability.

Charles Thomas Tisch, is graduated Summa Cum Laude from Illinois State University/Normal with a BA in English .

Victoria Vierra, is graduated from Glenbrook South High School and is attending Oakton Community College.

Bobby Webber, is graduated from Western Michigan, Kalamazoo with a BA in Aviation.

Rev. Sue’s Blessing of the Fleet at Navy Pier

Through her work as a chaplain associate for Seamen's Church Institute, Rev. Sue took part in the annual Blessing of the Fleet at Navy Pier in Chicago on Wednesday, May 22. This event coincided with National Maritime Day whereon our nation recognizes the contributions made by merchant mariners and the Coast Guard. Rev. Sue blessed a wreath commemorating mariners who have lost their lives during the course of their dangerous work on the inland waterways. The wreath was later cast into Lake Michigan. Police boats, fireboats, Coast Guard vessels, and tour boats were included among the vessels blessed by Rev. Sue and Rev. Kempton Baldridge, senior chaplain for Seamen's Church Institute from the top deck of the M/V Cap Streeter.  Photo courtesy of Rachel Dose.

In memory of Lois Riedl

Lois and I were acquainted nearly 25 years as passing members of St. David's, as happens when one person attends 8:00 service and the other sings in the choir at 9:30. The level of friendship changed when the Lord determined we could become roommates on a life-changing pilgrimage to Israel. As a result, besides the spiritual changes that ensued for each of us on that trip, a beautiful friendship/companionship emerged, covering the next twenty years.

We discovered we both had seasonal homes in the Northwood's about 20 minutes apart from each other and could visit up there as well as at home. We discovered we could talk about our widowhoods. We could discuss daily issues and spiritual reflections, the good times and the difficult ones. And we discovered we traveled well together and could continue to create more memories. We added Cape Cod and a cruise of its small islands, Oregon and its wild resourceful beauty (an Elderhostel tour), an exploration hiking three day trip to Isle Royale in Lake Superior, a driving trip to Williamsburg and the Shenandoah Valley, and multiple short local Midwest trips.

Interwoven with the trips, meals and conversation was the core woman Lois was. Her close family was part of all conversation as was her consistent participation in all types of church related activities. Her relationship with the Lord gave her the strength to face various health issues over the years and go forward in a positive "I can do this with his help" attitude. That attitude visible to those who visited during her illness at the end.

I miss Lois, but I have the memories we shared thanks to that fateful step we both took becoming roommates. And I know we shall meet and play catch-up once more when the time is right.

Meghan Murphy-Gill