We welcome new members to St. David’s by inviting them first to worship with us. We believe that the way that we pray together shapes what we believe, so simply BEING with us fully on Sunday mornings is the first step. We welcome all who wish to encounter the Risen Christ to receive the Sacrament, so your worship with us extends from the beginning of the service straight on through to the end!

From there, we offer new member classes on a regular basis. These classes introduce you to the Episcopal Church — its history and ethos. Those who seek adult baptism undergo special instruction with the clergy beyond these classes; those who have already been baptized (and/or confirmed) in another Christian tradition may choose to be received by the Bishop into the Episcopal Church.

We expect our members to pray, give, and work for the spread of the kingdom. That means a commitment to regular worship, pledging a portion of your income yearly to the mission and ministry of St. David’s, and sharing your faith in word and action in ministries — both within the walls of St. David’s and in the world beyond our walls. For more information, contact Rev. Sue here