Relief efforts for the Gulf Coast impacted by Hurricane Harvey continue, even

as Hurricane Irma appears to threaten the eastern seaboard of the US by late this

week. We have learned that the single most important, impactful, thing that we

can do is to donate money. (Supplies and gifts, while well-meaning, create distribution

 nightmares in the midst of crisis sites.) Episcopal Relief and Development gets money

where it is needed most in disaster sites, working with local officials to ensure that needs

are prioritized and revenue provided as the crisis unfolds. ERD is rated by CharityWatch

as a 4-star (highest ranking) charity, based on percentage of monies going directly to the

cause and transparency in oversight and reporting.



You can help today by going to the Episcopal Relief website: www.episcopalrelief.org and

clicking on the donation pop-up. If you prefer to send a check, you may make it payable

to Episcopal Relief & Development, memo Hurricane Relief, and mail it to ERD, P.O.

Box 7058, Merrifield,VA 22116-7058.



Music & Choir Update

Music & Choir Update


The St. David’s Choirs begin fall rehearsals on Wednesday, September 6. Our ensembles include:


...Junior Choir, which is open to children in grades 2—8 and meets from 5:30—6:30 pm* in the choir

room. Note the change in start and end times. This will enable the junior choir and bell choir members

who are youth to continue their music ministry and still be able to be part of the Youth Group gatherings

on Wednesdays without a long period of downtime between events. See p. 5 for more information

on Wednesday night youth group.

...Handbell Choir, which is open to participants from grade 6 through adult and meets from 6:30—7:15 pm in the church balcony. 

...Parish Choir, which is open to participants grade 9 and up and meets from 7:30—9:00 pm in the choir room.


 *On September 6, 13 and 20 Junior Choir will be 6:00 –6:30 p.m.



Reading the Bible Better and the Life of Faith


That is the title of the new Bible Study classes being offered every Monday evening from 7:30 to 8:30 PM.

This study will be exploring the more difficult passages of the Bible. It will include not only a way of reading

the passages better but reading them within the context of our faith. The classes will meet in the parish

library, which is located directly across from the parish office. The beginning date is Monday, September 11th

Each class will be self contained, meaning you don’t need to worry about getting to every class. 


An orientation meeting will be held at the Adult Forum on Sunday, September 10th. At that meeting we will

actually go through one of the studies. Also, a syllabus will be handed out so you can see the topic for each class

and what passages of scripture will be covered. In addition, a reading list will be provided for those who want to do

spend extra time studying on their own.




Bless you,

Fr. Tom +








The stewardship committee has informally polled our Parish community over the past year to assess the most

important drivers of satisfaction with St. David’s. Invariably, the conversation turns to a combination of exploring and growing

one’s Faith within a closely knit group of friends that many consider an extension of their own family. The

stewardship committee wants to hear your own personal stories of how the combination of faith, family and

friends plays out in your religious experience. Please drop an email to Josh Darr (joshdarr@me.com"

target="_blank">joshdarr@me.com) to provide an personal example of how St. David’s enhances

your faith, family and friends (does not need to be a long essay, can be a sentence or a few thoughts). 

Your responses will be used as part of our 2017 Stewardship campaign; please indicate if you would like

your response to be identified as by name or provided anonymously.

Thank you in advance for your assistance to this year’s campaign!






24       Those Difficult Conversations , Part I – MaryLu Ostberg, Clinical Supervisor from North Shore

Senior Center’s House of Welcome, will discuss strategies for how to have those difficult conversations

about suspected dementia with your loved ones.Hosted by St. David’s Befrienders.




The United Thank Offering will be held on Sunday October 22, 2017.









Exodus 16:2-15 | Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45| Philippians 1:21:30|


Matthew 20:1-16